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Drug Discovery and Delivery

Drug Discovery and Delivery
Drug discovery and development companies are at the forefront of a dynamic life sciences industry – driven by continuous research, ever-evolving technologies and increased demand for more and improved health-related products.  It's a fast-paced environment, where processes must be integrated and stringent government regulations met.  Nordson provides reliable fluid dispensing and hot melt dispensing systems as well as gas plasma surface treatment systems, offering the speed and accuracy needed for drug discovery companies to stay ahead of ever-changing technology requirements.

Certified safe, industrial-grade, precision-molded barrel/syringe reservoirs and precision dispense tips are the key to productive dispensing.  Nordson EFD offers an extensive selection of uniquely designed components to optimize the dispensing results of specific assembly fluids.  In addition, as the use of hot melt adhesives for transdermal drug delivery becomes more prevalent, Nordson coating and extrusion systems can provide an unmatched level of control.  This offers significant benefits for systems that involve active ingredients, such as transdermal patches.

Gas plasma can be used to prepare petri dishes and microtiter plates for laboratory experiments or drug-production purposes.  Plasma dissociates and converts monomers to polymers. Various polymers can be deposited as protein-absorbing barriers to achieve biocompatibility and coatings for improved lubricity.   Plasma processing removes contamination, delivers higher uniformity, and improves bonding and coating.

As always, Nordson holds its products to the highest quality standards.  Our experts will work with you to design a system that meets your specific needs.  From concept to completion, our team stays with you to assure your satisfaction and productivity.

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Gas plasma treatments for deposition/coating 
Web coating systems
Barrel/syringe reservoirs and precision tips for fluid packaging