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Medical device manufacturers around the globe improve the efficiency of their operations with dispensing systems from Nordson and its high-technology subsidiaries. From drugs and titanium coatings to therapeutic agents and hot melt adhesives, Nordson systems provide high-performance process solutions for all your dispensing needs.

For medical device assembly, EFD bench-top systems are widely used to bond together pacemakers, catheters, blood filters and many other devices. In addition, our automated valves apply precise, minute amounts of cyanoacrylates, UV-cure adhesives and two-part epoxies for needle-hub bonding, syringe assembly and catheter manufacturing.

Asymtek offers automated, precise dispensing products for medical device assembly, medical electronics , biotech manufacturing, and other life sciences manufacturing operations. These applications range from simple to sophisticated, including: applying form-in-place gaskets on respirator masks, dispensing reagents onto lateral test devices, and underfilling flip chips on subassemblies inside small implantable cardiac devices. Conformal coating products offer close-range temperature and fluid monitoring to keep the coating process consistent and stable.

As coating technologies become more advanced, EFD low-volume, low-pressure dispensing valves provide the precision and efficiency critical to these processes. Manufacturers frequently use EFD valves to coat heparin on catheters for biocompatabilty as well as for dispensing drugs on stents and other devices. In other applications, EFD valves are used to dispense titanium coatings on tablets, antibiotics on catheters, drugs on chips, lubrication on knee replacements, and hydrophilic coatings on guidewires for lubrication. Reagents and protein solutions can also be dispensed on test strips using EFD valves. And in the ocular industry, EFD is gaining recognition as the go-to company for dispensing silicone for tear duct plugs, therapeutic agents on implantable eye coils and fluids to increase lubricity on cannuals.

Nordson also offers medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers 50 years of experience in hot melt adhesive dispensing . In the life sciences industry, our systems are used to package a complete range of medical products, including tamper-proof cartoning and sealing of pharmaceuticals. What’s more, many medical products, such as kidney dialysis equipment, ostomy bags and blood filters, are assembled using Nordson hot melt dispensing systems.

For every application, Nordson and its affiliates provide the most advanced dispensing technology and process expertise, resulting in the highest reliability for our customers' products.

Products & Technology

Precision dispensers for medical device bonding
Low-pressure, low-volume dispensing valves improve medical device coating
Hot melt adhesive dispensing systems and packaging systems
Precision automated dispensing systems