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Advances in laboratory analysis equipment, such as lab-on-a-chip technology, have seen the birth of a new set of companies.  These dynamic organizations are on the forefront of technology and seemingly introduce new diagnostic products every week.

Reagents, active polymers and protein solutions are fluid substances that can produce the reaction that provides results for any particular test. Test strip fluids can be dispensed over a continuous web or – as with many reagents – with individual, very accurate and consistent dots.  Research labs are identifying biochem changes to proteins in blood that change when drugs are introduced into the blood stream or when a particular condition is developing.  Researchers have identified these protein changes in your blood and have created a numerous proprietary fluids that are then coated onto a cellulose and chemical paper membrane using a variety of Nordson valves. Additionally, membrane surface chemistries need to be defined with binding characteristics for biologically active molecules. These membranes are used for in-vitro test applications as well as diagnostic assay membranes for any number of point-of-care tests, including sexually transmitted diseases, infectious diseases, luteinizing hormones, blood glucose, cholesterol, streptococcus and other infectious diseases. 

Plasma treats filter materials to increase wettability and decrease flow resistance. It also activates surfaces for improved permeability, improved lubricity and improved adhesion. Nordson MARCH provides roll-to-roll processing of thick and thin film, fabrics and other web material. Various roll widths can be accommodated for ultimate flexibility.

As always, Nordson holds its products to the highest quality standards.  Our experts will work with you to design a system that meets your specific needs.  From concept to completion, our team stays with you to assure your satisfaction and productivity.

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Plasma surface treatment for increased wettability
Web coating systems
Low-volume, low-pressure dispensing systems
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