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Material Dispensing

Browse the major categories of Nordson material, adhesive and liquid dispensing products that span across numerous industries and applications. Precisely apply sealants and coatings to a wide range of surfaces including plastic, metal, wood and more.

Finishing, Coating and Painting Products & SystemsIndustrial Coating Systems from Nordson
ordson supplies industrial coating equipment that ranges from manual components to sophisticated, programmable systems for applying paints, sealants and coatings. Powder coating and liquid dispensing products can apply sealants to a wide variety of plastic, metal  to a wide variety of plastic, metal and wood products with guns, pumps and other accessories.

- Powder Coating Products
- Liquid Coating Products
- Container (Can) Coating Products
- UV Products

Structural Adhesives and Sealants
Our adhesive dispensing products can be utilized across multiple industries including automotive assembly where our systems for structural adhsives can be used for heavy truck and transportation applications. Additionally, our material dispensing products are a recognized leader in the production of beverage and food containers. 



Adhesive Dispensing Products & Systems

Nordson offers a complete line of hot melt and ambient adhesive dispensing equipment, parts and related products. Nordson solutions are the industry standard and ideal for numerous consumer and industrial manufacturing/assembly processes, packaging applications and nonwovens production.Adhesive Systems from Nordson Search through our full line of adhesive dispensing products:

- Bulk Delivery Systems – ambient, heated
Hot Melt Adhesive Dispensers and Reactive/PUR systems
- Hot Melt Applicators – contact slot, electricmetered,
           electric, pneumatic, pressure fed spray
- Hot Melt Hoses
- Hot Melt Nozzles – bead, slot, spray
- Liquid Adhesive Dispensing Products - applicators, supply systems, accessories
- Replacement Parts and Adhesive Equipment Programs


Automated, High Speed Dispensing & Coating Systems

Products sold under the Nordson ASYMTEK brand are used for a variety high speed automated fluid dispensing and coating applications in technology and related end markets.  Key applications include semiconductor packaging, printed circuit boards, LEDs, flat panel displays, medical and biotechnical devices, and solar and photovoltaic products.Fluid Dispensing Equipment from Nordson ASYMTEK

In order to meet dispensing equipment requirements and provide ease of use, our jets, pumps and valves dispense a wide variety of fluids while our software applications power multiple products to help them reach their capabilities. Browse these and fluid dispensing accessories for your material dispensing needs.

- Fluid Dispensing Systems
- Conformal Coating Products and Systems
- Jets, Pumps and Valves
- Software
- Accessories


Precision Semi-Automated and Manual Dispensing Equipment and Components
Products sold under the Nordson EFD brand are used for applying controlled amounts of adhesives, sealants, lubricants and other assembly fluids used in almost every manufacturing process.  Automated Dispensing Equipment from Nordson EFD

- Fluid Dispensers
- Dispense Tips
- Lubrication Systems
- Solder Paste
- Optimum Components: 
       syringe barrels, cartridge systems
- Valve Systems
- Fluid Reservoirs
- Cartridge Systems
- Static Mixers
- Meter Mix Valves
- Specialty Products


Biomaterial Dispensing and Application - Wound Care
FibriJetProducts sold under the Nordson MICROMEDICS name are used for applying and dispensing biomaterials such as fibrin tissue sealant and concentrated plasma gel for controlling bleeding, healing wounds and other related medical procedures. 



Browse Other Nordson Products
Search through other products for surface preparation and electronics testing offered by Nordson.