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YESPC is a web-based SPC (Statistical Process Control) software tool that can be utilized for both real-time and historical charts and reports.

When utilized in real-time mode, YESPC enables engineers to focus on defect prevention by monitoring for unwanted trends in the manufacturing process. User selectable “chart windows” can be configured to show defect paretos, yield trends, machine utilization, as well as X-Y positional and Cp/Cpk data. The latest version of YESPC now includes enhanced functionality in pareto charts that allows the user to drill down to defect and false call images.

As an enhancement to the already powerful capabilities of Nordson YESTECH's AOI technology, YESPC software enables senior management to make informed decisions by providing diagnostic and trending analysis of the manufacturing process, which saves them time and money. By providing real-time monitoring and reporting of SMT production processes, management can immediately react to critical process events. YESPC software is fully compatible with every Nordson YESTECH AOI system.