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Surface Treatment

From sophisticated surface treatment systems, to technologies used to dispense and cure coatings on substrates afterwards, Nordson provides manufacturers with a full range of solutions.

Many methods are used to prepare or ‘treat’ surfaces prior to bonding, deposition and coating. In addition to conventional manual, chemical or mechanical treatments, plasma processing yields uniform results, part-to-part and batch-to-batch.

Metal and Plastics
Power washing and surface treatment are usually associated with metal substrates, but plastics need them as well. While corrosion is not an issue with plastics, cleanliness is required.
For example, automakers specify stringent cleaning, prepping and quality testing steps to ensure color match and paint adhesion. Auto body side panels that are attached to doors and fenders that enhance overall appearance, are typically molded and painted in a facility remote from the assembly plants. They are attached to the body with adhesive strips during the final stages of the car assembly process.
UV curing is the preferred method in a number of automotive assembly operations that apply several UV curable powders and liquids, and primers and sealers for hard coats, protective topcoats and clear coats on both metal and plastic components for exterior and interior trim.
Medical Devices
Use of radio-frequency, low-pressure plasma is an efficient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly method of preparing medical devices prior to bonding, deposition and coating. It is the only successful way of treating the surface of materials that are chemically resistant.

March Plasma Systems designs and builds plasma treatment systems to meet the specific application requirements of the medical industry. Systems are configured to produce repeatable results in a manufacturing or clean room environment, and are sized to meet high-to-low production requirements.
UV curing also plays a significant role in the production of life sciences/medical devices including adhesive-based bonding applications and pre-sensitive applications, to decorating with coatings to offset, pad and ink jet marking.
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