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Ultraviolet curing systems for reflector technology

Reflector Technology

Rather than use conventional polished metal reflectors, the CoolWave curing system design uses a proprietary reflector, featuring the industry’s first two-year warranty, which is constructed of temperature-stable glass with an engineered dichroic coating as a standard feature.

This allows for numerous focal distances as well as a true flood reflector design. This feature is only available with the CoolWave UV System. The advanced reflector technology provides several important benefits:

Cooler Operation — The dichroic-coated reflector does not reflect all of the heat generating infrared light waves back to the substrate. The result is precisely focused UV light where you need it without the damaging infrared energy that is inherent to non-dichroic coated metal reflectors.

Higher Intensity — The reflector materials are more heat stable than metal for a more geometrically accurate field of focus. In addition, the materials are harder and more scratch-resistant than metal for ease of cleaning and longer service life. Every CoolWave reflector comes with a two-year warranty against scratches and failure.

More Design Flexibility — The use of glass reflectors allowed Nordson to design multiple reflectors for the CoolWave system. There are two focused reflector designs available, a 2.1" and the cooler operating 3.1" reflector set. Nordson has also offered the first flood reflector set in a microwave-powered lamp.


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