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UV Curing Equipment

System Accessories

Proprietary components for the CoolWave® 2 System can help optimize the efficiency of your UV curing operations.

AirShield™ Ventilation System
The modular patented AirShield™ ventilation system pulls in moderately filtered air to cool the lamp head during operation – and still maintain a clean room environment. Use of outside air reduces the cost of providing filtered clean air, while maintaining part integrity without contamination.

The AirShield ventilation system uses a high-quality quartz lens over the face of the lamp head for the highest UV transmittal.

  • Clean dirt-free operation
  • No hot air contamination blowing on parts
  • O-zone vented away from operators 

Patented LightTite™ Shutter System
Added to each CoolWave 2 system lamp head, the pneumatically powered proprietary Nordson LightTite shutter opens and closes instantly to block UV light – without turning off the lamp head and power supply. The LightTite shutter is ideally suited for systems running manually loaded and unloaded parts, or heat-sensitive parts where accurate control of UV exposure is required.

Closing of the shutter does not impede cooling airflow through the lamp head, but does block out all UV light for safety.

Connected through the customer-supplied control system, the LightTite shutter uses reed switches to confirm the position of the shutter. Features like these ensure that the shutter is either completely open or completely closed.

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