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UV Curing Equipment

CoolWave® 2 410 System

The microwave-powered CoolWave 2 410 lamphead provides improved flexibility and easy maintenance for industrial curing applications.

The CoolWave 2 410 lamp emits less heat-generating infrared energy and provides a more geometrically accurate field of focus. Plus, its modular design allows for two or more lamps to be placed side by side for wider curing applications.

  • No internal gasketing reduced operational and maintenance costs, downtime
  • Uses proprietary dichroic-coating glass reflectors for cooler operation, higher intensity and design flexibility
  • Available in 10-inch widths and rated at 400 watts per inch
  • Works with MPS-410 power supply which offers digital display for troubleshooting, remote I/O, easy operator interface, and electric noise filtration

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