FibriJet® Applicator Tips

A variety of interchangeable tips are available to meet the particular needs of specific surgical procedures.

Blending & Mixing Tips

These tips are designed to thoroughly mix or passively blend two biomaterials before being applied to the wound site. These tips dispense materials in a stream or spray.

Dual Cannula Malleable Tips

Designed to facilitate the mixing and application of dual component biomaterials by isolating the components until they passively mix at the treatment site. Malleable metal shaft can be bent or shaped to surgeon's preference.

Endoscopic Tips

Single-use instruments for the delivery of two component liquid biomaterials to difficult-to-reach and endoscopic treatment sites. The variety of designs offer surgeons the best instrument choice for the procedure.

Single Spray Tips

Single cannula applicators are designed to deliver materials to topical and endoscopic treatment sites. The spray pattern allows better coverage than non-spray devices.

Spray Tips

Offer maximum versatility by providing multiple options for spraying an assortment of materials to open procedures. Available in manual and gas assisted, single and dual component as well as topical and endoscopic instruments.