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Advanced Semiconductor Packaging & Assembly (ASPA)

High reliability and yield in the manufacturing of advanced integrated circuits can be difficult to achieve as package sizes decrease and the use of advanced materials increases. Many manufacturing challenges can be improved or overcome by using a suitable plasma treatment, including improving die attach, increasing wire bond strength, eliminating flip-chip underfill voids, and reducing package delamination.

Featured Advanced Semiconductor Packaging & Assembly (ASPA)

Underfill for ASPA

ASPA - Using plasma treatment technology from Nordson MARCH prior to the underfill process increases underfill wicking speed, adhesion, fillet height & uniformity, and minimizes voiding

Wire Bond for ASPA

ASPA - Nordson MARCH's plasma processing technology optimizes the wire bonding process, which increases device reliability and minimizes manufacturing costs

Die Attach for ASPA

ASPA - Plasma systems from Nordson MARCH can clean substrates in order to improve the adhesion of die attach epoxy via surface activation. Plasma also removes oxidation from the metal surface.

Encapsulation & Molding for ASPA

ASPA - Nordson MARCH's plasma processing technology greatly improves adhesion of mold compounds by increasing the substrate surface energy, resulting in increased package reliability.