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Plasma Solutions for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturing

In PCB manufacturing, plasma technology can deliver higher uniformity and reproducibility than chemical or mechanical processes. It is efficient, economical and environmentally benign. Plasma processing increases the surface energy of advanced materials, including fluoropolymer, providing excellent lamination and wettability for plating through-holes without the use of wet chemicals. It also allows metalization to the inner layers by removing resin smear created in the drilling process and removes carbon byproducts from blind vias.

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Non-Stick Activation
Non-Stick Surface Activation

Use plasma technology from Nordson MARCH for surface activation of double-sided and multi-layer fluoropolymer through-hole boards to increase surface wettability.

Carbon Removal
Carbon Removal

Nordson MARCH's plasma cleaning technology removes the carbon from conventional through-hole board vias & blind vias typically used on boards where component space is restricted.

Desmear and Etch Back
Desmear & Etch Back

Nordson MARCH's plasma treatment technology removes epoxies, polyimides, high Tg blends, mixed materials & other resins more effectively than traditional methods of etching and desmearing

Residue Removal (Descum)
Residue Removal (Descum)

Nordson MARCH's plasma technology effectively removes resist residue from inner layers and panels as well as residual solder mask bleed for better bonding and solderability

Inner Layer Preparation
Inner Layer Preparation

Plasma treatment technology from Nordson MARCH alters the topography & wettability of cover-coated inner board layers, promoting adhesion by allowing thin layer processing using flex clips

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