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Medical Electronics

Plasma Solutions for Life Sciences and Medical Device Manufacturing

Nordson MARCH provides innovative plasma processes and equipment to meet specific application requirements of the medical industry. Nordson MARCH's plasma treatment delivers superior performance, higher quality and reliability for improved bonding, increased wettability, hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity, lubricity and biocompatibility. It removes nano-level contaminants, introduces specific functional groups and deposits a variety of biocompatible coatings.

Featured Life Science

Underfill for Medical Electronics

Plasma-enhanced surface preparation prior to the underfill process has proven to increase underfill wicking speed, increase fillet height and uniformity, minimize voiding, and improve underfill adhesion.

Encapsulation & Molding for Medical Devices

Plasma Treatment Solution - Encapsulation and Molding for Medical Device Manufacturing

Deposition on Silicone

A plasma deposition process can be used to reduce the coefficient of friction for tacky materials while maintaining the materials bulk properties.

Wire Bonding for Medical Devices

To ensure high device reliability and minimize manufacturing costs, it is important to optimize the wire bonding process to ensure good bond strengths and yields.

Stent Cleaning

Plasma is used to remove polishing residues from implantable metals stents. It is a superior final cleaning step that helps improve the biocompatibility and bondability of many medical product or components.

Lubricious Coating Uniformity & Adhesion

In catheter manufacturing, plasma strengthens the balloon-catheter bond and improves the uniformity and adhesion of hydrophilic and lubricious coatings to various catheters.

Functionalization of Filter Media

The performance of filter media can be dramatically enhanced by the use of plasma via functionalization and deposition processes.

Lens Wettability

Plasma deposition is used to provide coatings for contact or intraocular lenses to improve wettability, and enhance adhesion of liquid based chemistries.

Contact Lens Oxidation

Contact lens plasma treatment is a common functionalization application where the lens surface is oxidized to create a hydrophilic lens surface that is resistant to protein deposition.