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Surface Modification Process Using Plasma Technology

Etching is a process similar to cleaning except these processes typically remove microns of material and often use much more aggressive plasma chemistry. The etch process is used to remove process materials or coatings to expose sub-layers. Plasma etching supports rework or reuse of materials and micro-roughens surfaces for improved adhesion. Like cleaning, a wide variety of materials can be cleaned or etched using plasma. Contact or intraocular lens manufacturing and coating operations are processes that can benefit from using plasma to clean the reusable fixture components. Plasma can be used to remove coatings or process material build-up to restore the fit and function of the processing fixtures. Additionally, it can be used to remove the coating in select areas to expose a sub-layer or electrical contact area. For example, it can remove Parylene coating from a defined portion of implantable cans for electrical contact.

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