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VIA Series Plasma Treatment Systems

Ideally suited for the printed circuit board (PCB) plasma manufacturing requirements, Nordson MARCH’s unique approach of isolated, temperature-controlled panel processing delivers superior plasma etching process capabilities for etch-back, plasma desmear and surface activation of large flexible or rigid panels of various sizes and roll-to-roll substrates. Nordson MARCH’s large panel processing equipment can be configured with kHz or MHz RF Generation and is available in chamber sizes processing multiple panels from 12” x 18” up to 24” x 42”. Custom equipment configurations are available for large and thick panel requirements.

Featured VIA Series

MaxVIA Plasma Treatment System
MaxVIA Plasma Treatment System

The MaxVIA™ PCB Plasma Treatment System is designed for high-throughput processing of HDI, Flex, and Rigid Panels for the Printed Circuit Board industry

FlexVIA Plasma Treatment System
FlexVIA Plasma Treatment System

The FlexVIA™ Plasma System from Nordson MARCH is a self-contained vacuum plasma system specifically designed for maximum efficiency and cost effective treatment of flexible materials.

RollVIA Plasma Treatment System

Nordson MARCH's RollVIA is a completely self-contained vacuum plasma system with integrated roll-to-roll material handling for production PCB manufacturing environments.

PROVIA Plasma Treatment System for PCB Manufacturing
ProVIA Plasma Treatment System

Nordson MARCH’s ProVIA System is specifically configured to meet the demands of today’s high throughput PCB manufacturing operations for HDI, flexible and rigid circuit board manufacturing.