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FlexVIA Plasma Treatment System

FlexVIA Plasma Treatment System

The award-winning FlexVIA™ Plasma System from Nordson MARCH is a self-contained vacuum plasma system specifically designed for maximum efficiency and cost effective treatment of flexible materials.

The FlexVIA System has been recognized with two awards: the New Product Introduction award from Circuits Assembly magazine, and the EM Asia-China Innovation award for surface treatment of flexible PCBs.

Efficient and Cost Effective

The FlexVIA System features a space-saving, compact chassis with two easy-access, front-loading doors. The advanced horizontal electrode design, with integrated rack, provides optimum material alignment for industry leading plasma treatment uniformity. The dual-rack chamber accommodates up to (18) 20"x 24"panels in a single cycle.

Uniform plasma treatment of both sides of the flex material surface area is accomplished via a single-step process enabling a rate of 80–120 units per hour (UPH).

The FlexVIA System does not require heating or cooling, therefore; the system does not require additional temperature control or a blower, which further maximizes the system’s cost effectiveness. It also does not require the use of expensive fluorine gases. Instead, environmentally friendly and cost effective gas plasma solutions such as Argon (Ar) and Oxygen (O2) are utilized.

Easy to Use

The FlexVIA Plasma System makes it easy to load various sizes of flexible materials into the chamber via two, optimum height, front-loading doors. Convenient carts smoothly slide the racks in and out of the system. The loading racks include versatile slide out trays to accommodate many different flexible material sizes. The system is controlled by an intuitive touch screen GUI with a one-button start feature.

Innovation and Applications

The FlexVIA System further builds on the success of the Nordson MARCH VIA™ line of products (ProVIA™, MaxVIA™, RollVIA™) which incorporate innovative application-specific technology with over 25 years of experience in plasma treatment for the PCB industry.

The primary plasma application is surface treatment of inner layer flex, prior to lamination, for improved adhesion and reliability.

Features and Benefits

  • Efficient design, economical gas consumption, small footprint, and attractive system pricing all contribute to a low cost of ownership 
  • Easy loading and versatile horizontal racks allow for maximum throughput 
  • Single stage plasma process, and capacity for up to (18) 20" x 24" panels per cycle enable a rate of 80-120 units per hour (UPH) 
  • Patented, industry-proven plasma technologies provide superior surface treatment uniformity, prior to lamination, to improve adhesion and reliability of flexible materials



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