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Remote Operator Interface Software

Remote Operator Datalogging Interface (RODI) software is available for all March microprocessor systems. An RS-232 data port allows interfacing to an external computer running Windows NT.

Although an external computer is not required for operation of the plasma system, operation through the RODI software offers several advantages. It allows the user to set up process recipes in a predefined file with  unlimited recipe storage. The software will also run up to four plasma systems simultaneously from a remote location. The process parameters for any of the four plasma systems can be monitored remotely while the process is running.

All process parameters can be displayed in graph form and the data from each process run is stored in a separate file for future reference and use in statistical process control. As an additional analysis tool, the graphical data from up to five process runs can be displayed simultaneously on the same graph to determind any inconsistencies.

The RODI software also has the added advantage of automatic conversion between gas flow rate and mass flow controller setting. Data can be displayed in either format.

Three password protected security clearance levels ensure that only authorized personal will be able to manipulate process recipe files.


  • Forward and Reflected RF Power Level
  • Pressure
  • Process Cycle Time
  • RF On Time
  • Gas Flow
  • Temperature, Endpoint optional



 Remote Operator Interface Software

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