XTRAK Plasma Treatment System

XTRAK Plasma Treatment System

The patented XTRAK-IFP (Ion Free Plasma) System is ideal for cleaning pre-programmed memory devices when UV exposure may be an issue. Multiple plasma modes allow unrestricted choice of process gas.

The XTRAK™ Plasma System can be configured in downstream, ion-free mode which removes ions, electrons and photons, enabling the chemically active radicals and byproducts to perform the work.

The system operates in both automatic and manual modes, with a multi-processing feature that allows implementation of single or multiple recipes in one operation. By integrating the XTRAK system with loaders, the XTRAK operates in a standalone configuration. It can also run in an island form factor to feed a designated line of equipment, including component attach systems, wire bonders and dispense equipment.


The XTRAK’s SMART Tune management system provides closed-loop plasma control that optimizes the RF system and minimizes tuning time. The system automatically recycles to a plasma-ready state, compensating for changes in vacuum pressure, temperature and varied lot sizes. Maximum power to the chamber is achieved with a proprietary algorithm that constantly measures forward and reflective power inside the chamber.