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FlexTRAK-CD Plasma System

FlexTRAK-CD Plasma System

The FlexTRAK™-CD platform is designed for high throughput processing of lead frame strips, laminated substrates, and other strip-type electronic components, up to 5 strips per plasma cycle.

Superior Plasma Processing, Small Footprint, High-Throughput

The patented plasma chamber design provides high uniformity and process repeatability. It ensures all areas of the substrate are treated uniformly, while tight control over process parameters provides highly repeatable results.

The system accommodates a wide range of strip sizes, yielding unmatched production flexibility. Its small chamber volume and proprietary process control system provide short cycle times, with high machine autonomy.


Plasma for pre-die attach, pre-wire bond, pre-mold encapsulation and pre-underfill such as:

Contamination Removal & Surface Cleaning

  • Fluorine & other halogens
  • Metals & metal oxides
  • Organic compounds

Etching and Surface Roughening

  • Improve die adhesion & wire bonding
  • Improve mold adhesion & reduce delamination

Surface Activation

  • Improve die adhesive flow, eliminate voids and enhance adhesion
  • Improve mold material flow, eliminate voids and reduce wire sweep
  • Improve underfill flow, eliminate voids, enhance adhesion, and increase wicking speed

 Features and Benefits

  • Highly uniform plasma treatment with fast throughput rates
  • Production-ready strip handling system
  • Easy to use touch screen graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Service components accessible via front pull-out shelves
  • High volume, small footprint and low cost of ownership

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