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FasTRAK Plasma System

FasTRAK Plasma Treatment System

The FasTRAK™ Plasma System is a fully-automated, high-throughput, plasma treatment system for lead-frame strips, laminate substrates, and other strip-type microelectronic components.


Measuring 1.65 meters wide by 1.5 meters deep the FasTRAK Plasma System has a >35% smaller system footprint than previous strip processing models. The capability to reuse magazines further reduces the effective footprint as the empty magazines do not need to be staged at the system.

Using state-of-the-art robotic movement that virtually eliminates operator handling of the strips or magazines, the FasTRAK Plasma System accommodates the full-known range of magazines and strip width, length and thickness dimensions.

The FasTRAK System makes it easy to change over to accommodate a new magazine or strip size - recipes are software driven and the system requires minimal hardware interaction or tooling.

The field-proven robotics were specifically designed to lower the handling risk to sensitive substrate materials by using minimal movement, pushing, pulling and low G-forces.

The FasTRAK System features an innovative new material tracking software application and internal camera to count the number of strips and track their progress throughout the entire treatment process, providing 100% treatment validation. Up to 10 strips can be accommodated per batch with an industry leading units per hour (UPH) treatment rate.

The FasTRAK system also includes a new high-efficiency, application-specific, plasma chamber that can be configured for Direct or Ion-Free plasma modes.

Plasma Processes Include:

  • Pre-die attach for improved adhesion
  • Pre-wire bond for higher pull strength and CpKs
  • Pre-mold to reduce delamination
  • Post-mold to remove flash
  • Pre-underfill to reduce voiding

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible configuration accommodates the full range of strip dimensions and magazine designs
  • Advanced robotic handling system minimizes strip handling, pushing, pulling and reduces operator intervention
  • New camera-based material tracking provides 100% plasma treatment validation
  • High-efficiency, application specific, plasma chamber design offers Direct or Ion Free plasma treatment modes
  • Significantly smaller system footprint and magazine reuse capability save space and help lower cost of ownership

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