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AP-1500 Plasma Treatment System

AP-1500 Plasma Treatment System

The Nordson MARCH AP-1500 Plasma System is designed to provide best-in class plasma treatment with its large chamber for batch-type plasma processing. Daily operating expenses, such as process gases and power consumption, are minimized through unique design concepts.

Effective plasma treatment with an extra large chamber for batch processing

The AP-1500 is a cost- and space-efficient plasma system for treating all types of parts and components. It is completely self-contained, and requires minimal floor space. The pump, chamber, control electronics, and 13.56 MHz RF generator are all contained within its enclosure. Front and rear maintenance doors allow for convenient access to all interior components, and the pump is positioned on rollers for easy removal.

Plasma cleaning and surface preparation

The AP-1500 Plasma System is designed to deliver superior performance for plasma cleaning and surface preparation applications. The horizontal electrodes (shelves) allow for large batch loads.

The AP-1500 Plasma System is designed to maximize plasma efficiency through the use of advanced power matching and control system algorithms. The intuitive touch screen control panel monitors and controls the plasma process in real-time. The control system can be password-protected at multiple levels to prevent unauthorized recipe modification. This ensures consistent performance of the system from the first batch to the last.

The AP-1500 Plasma System also offers slide-out horizontal shelves for ease of loading and unloading. Its compact and service-friendly design features a small footprint, and is designed for maintenance access from only the front and rear of the system. Therefore, multiple systems can be placed side-by-side to maximize floor space utilization.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple system operation and data logging
  • Proven for fast effective plasma cleaning and surface preparation
  • Patented designs maximize treatment performance and throughput
  • Easy loading and unloading of the chamber
  • Compact system enclosure minimizes footprint
  • Low operational costs and cost of ownership

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