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Applications & Operations Team

Bob Condrashoff 

Bob Condrashoff
Technology Development Manager 

Mr. Condrashoff joined Nordson MARCH in 2000. He has held various positions with increasing levels of responsibility and is now responsible for managing Applications Engineering, Research & Development, and Business Development for Nordson MARCH worldwide. Prior to joining Nordson MARCH he had extensive experience with a multitude of process applications and automation systems. Mr. Condrashoff has been awarded 5 patents including innovative plasma processing chambers and high speed material handling systems for Nordson MARCH.

  David Foote - Senior Starr Applications Engineer

David Foote
Global Applications Manager 

Mr. Foote has an extensive background in chemical vapor deposition (CVD) with a focus on plasma enhanced CVD. Prior to working with Nordson MARCH he developed processes in the semiconductor and semiconductor equipment industries. He holds a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. Mr. Foote has been granted over 35 patents.

Jack Zhao - Senior Applications Scientist

Jack Zhao, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist

Dr. Zhao joined Nordson MARCH in 2001. He is responsible for application process development, R&D and key account support. Prior to Nordson MARCH Dr. Zhao held positions in the university system and semiconductor industry. Dr. Zhao holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia and has been working in the plasma application field for more than 10 years.

Daniel Chir - Manager of Laboratory Operations, Asia Pacific

Daniel Chir
Business Manager - S.E. Asia

Mr. Chir manages Nordson MARCH’s applications engineering activities in the Asia Pacific region. He is responsible for applications support as well as the operations of the Singapore and Shanghai applications laboratories. Prior to joining Nordson MARCH in 2002, Mr. Chir held positions in process engineering and program management in the semiconductor industry.

Lou Fierro - Senior PCB Applications Engineer

Lou Fierro
Former PCB Applications Development Manager

Mr. Fierro joined Nordson MARCH in 1997. He managed applications and contract service at Nordson MARCH's Florida facility. Mr. Fierro was also responsible for process development and technical support. He retired in 2013.