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XTRAK™ In-Line Plasma System for Improving Yields in Semiconductor and PCB Applications

2002 News

02 Apr 2002

Concord, CA, April 02, 2002 – Nordson MARCH introduces the XTRAK™ in-line plasma system for fast, efficient surface activation and plasma cleaning. Gas plasma is a proven technology that increases mold adhesion, improves component & die attach, improves hermetic sealing, and also removes oxides and organic contamination.

With its innovative handling system, the XTRAK™ plasma system can process a single substrate or carrier in less than one minute. The handling system's flexible architecture allows for easy adjustment to accommodate a wide range of product form-factors.

With single-lane in- and out-feeds, the XTRAK™ plasma system is available in a standalone configuration with integrated loaders. The XTRAK™ system can also be included in an island form-factor to feed a designated line of equipment, including component attach systems, wire bonders and dispense equipment.

The XTRAK™ system is uniquely designed for superior uniformity and reproducibility, regardless of magazine style, open-versus-closed design, pitch or dimensions. The system is SMEMA 1.2 compatible, CE-certified, and SEMI S2-93 compliant.

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About Nordson MARCH:

Nordson MARCH is the global leader in plasma processing technology for the printed circuit board (PCB), semiconductor, microelectronics, and medical & life science device manufacturing industries. Nordson MARCH has offices and applications laboratories worldwide, including California, Florida, Europe, Singapore, China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. With over 20 years of continuous innovation, Nordson MARCH designs and manufactures a complete line of award-winning and patented plasma processing systems. An expert staff of scientists and engineers is available to assist in the development of plasma processes that improve both product reliability and increase production yields. Visit the Nordson MARCH web site for more details: www.nordsonmarch.com.

Nordson MARCH is a subsidiary of Nordson Corporation (NASDAQ: NDSN), the world's leading producer of precision dispensing and coating equipment.

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