Benefit - Quality

Vertical coating is all about precision. HDLV delivers consistent quality, however awkward the part.

When it comes to coating aluminium extrusions, our advanced HDLV technology has everything covered. It delivers consistent quality time after time. Not only boosting efficiency, but most importantly, meeting the demanding standards of Qualicoat and the AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association).

As the first industry advance in years, our digitally-controlled system coats anything and everything, vertically or horizontally. Because they don’t rely on venturis, our pumps deliver a more consistent powder output. Even more intelligently, they produce slower, softer, more effective spray patterns. Meaning you’ll experience fewer passes, less overspray and a smaller number of rejects.

HDLV is proven in production too. It passes the strictest industry exam with flying colours, delivering a much more accurate film thickness time after time. Or, to be more precise, some extrusion coaters have experienced a 58% reduction in coating film thickness variation. For example, from +/- 17 microns to +/- 7 microns along the entire length of the product.

Good news for conventionally shaped parts. But what about those impossible to coat extrusions? Thanks to its dense phase guns, Nordson’s HDLV technology has those covered too. Our advanced technology, already being used in production, delivers an output rate 4 times slower than traditional systems. The result? Softer spray that delivers better penetration and avoids blowing powder from the recesses of the profile – often the most difficult to coat.

Benefits at a glance

  • Increased consistency and quality - Slower, softer spray patterns for precision quality
  • Improved coating penetration - Covers those impossible to coat parts