Benefit - Control

If you’re looking for quality and cost efficiency, Nordson’s HDLV technology puts you in complete control.

You can’t get more precise than our advanced dense phase technology. It puts you in complete control of the production process. Not just saving you money, but consistently meeting the toughest industry standards. But how exactly?

First there are the pumps. Traditional venturi pumps rely on high velocity air. When coupled with abrasive powders, they tend to wear out over time. Even worse, at different rates, depending on how much powder is used. That means making more frequent adjustments to the gun to deliver the same consistent output. The last thing you need when the pressure’s on to deliver increased efficiency on the production line.

Dense phase systems use a unique combination of High Density powder and Low Velocity air (HDLV). Which means the powder output always remains consistent. Exactly what’s needed to take complete control and remove any uncontrolled variables from the process. Our dense phase technology also offers simple and linear output control. This makes setting up and adjusting equipment much simpler. Put even more simply, it removes any guesswork and delivers repeated, reliable and consistent results.

HDLV also comes fully equipped with our iControl Application Control System. Building on our extensive controls technology, it brings all the powder application variables into one easy-to-use, all-inclusive recipe based system. Optimising process control, it improves repeatability, lowers reject rates, and cuts down on waste. And when it comes to safety, security, benchmarking or even use at other locations, recipes are easily stored using a standard flash drive

Benefits at a glance

  • Process control and improvement - Repeatable and reliable results
  • Consistent powder flow rate over time - Enjoy complete confidence in your production