Alkaline Batteries

Nordson equipment is used to accurately apply proprietary conductive coatings to alkaline batteries, resulting in longer battery life and greater performance capabilities.

The MEG-II spray gun provides accurate, repeatable dispensing of coatings to the interior of alkaline battery cells, at speeds of up to 1000 pieces per minute.  Nordson nozzles are used to precisely apply coating uniformly and consistently.  A complete spray system, engineered and manufactured by Nordson, is supplied for installation on a variety of specialized spray machines.

Related Products

MEG® II Compact Spray GunMEG® II Compact Spray Gun

The Nordson MEG® II compact electric gun delivers fast, accurate application of solvent borne and waterborne can lacquers to two- and three-piece cans.

CP PumpCP Pump

The air-powered dual piston CP Pump is a demand-style pump that provides the necessary volume of material to spray guns as needed for maintaining consistent pressure.

High-Pressure Fluid FiltersHigh-Pressure Fluid Filters

Available in single and dual versions, Nordson® high-pressure filters prevent nozzle clogging in a variety of fluid delivery applications.

Spray Pressure Control SystemSpray Pressure Control System

Spray Pressure Control (SPC) provides individual pressure control for each spray gun to help achieve consistent coating weights.

NH-4 HeaterNH-4 Heater

Nordson® heated airless and air spray systems utilize the Nordson® Model NH-4 fluid heater to reduce the viscosity of coating materials and increase operating efficiency without adding solvents.