Recreational Vehicles

Nordson electrostatic spray systems and technology provide reliable, accurate performance in all fitness equipment coating applications. Our precise control, recipe-based systems optimize coating uniformity to bring expanded operating flexibility to coaters with varying production schedules.

Nordson electrostatic spray systems and technology provide reliable, accurate performance. Whether coating with primer, color, metallics and clear coats, Nordson systems meet lean manufacturing requirements and deliver improved operating efficiency, increased productivity and reduce material and labor costs.  Our systems offer:

  • Line speeds up to 70 feet per minute
  • Overhead and chain-on-edge configurations
  • Quick color-change booths in as little as five minutes
  • Customized booths for batch, multi-color, multi-conveyor, and cartridge-filter applications
  • Coat parts up to 60 feet in length
  • Manual and automatic applications
  • Control systems for optimal performance and maximum line efficiency

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