Outdoor Furniture

Nordson's integrated manual and automatic spray systems are designed specifically for the manufacturing environment of today's outdoor furniture industry. Our precise control, recipe-based systems optimize coating uniformity to bring expanded operating flexibility to coaters with varying production schedules.

Nordson is the leading supplier of furniture coating equipment.  Powder coating provides a durable, attractive and economical alternative to liquid paints, vinyl, and high-pressure laminates.

Each major component of our powder coating booths, including the filters, collector/color module, canopy and fan section, have been designed to facilitate uniform, constant air flow. The result is a total air management system that brings powder coating to a new standard of performance.

This integrated system approach delivers more efficient powder recovery, enhanced collector efficiency and superior part coverage. Several versions are available to accommodate a variety of production requirements. Our systems offer:

  • Unique cartridge pleat design increases effective surface area and reduces powder waste by 80 percent
  • Inflatable pneumatic seal provides air-tight connection between collector module and fan section
  • Aerodynamic canopy design minimizes dead zones and reduce turbulence for more consistent air flow
  • Unitized construction of integrated booth base, collector and fan section provides a better seal

Read how some companies have already reduced color-change time for improved operating efficiencies. Click here.

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