Food Processing

Nordson precision spray systems and pumping technology provide reliable, accurate performance in many food applications. Our precise control, recipe-based systems optimize coating uniformity to bring expanded operating flexibility in food processing with varying end products.

Nordson brings efficiency and precision to many food processing challenges.  From bulk transfer of materials to precision dispensing on products such as salty snacks, chewing gum, chocolate and confectionery, as well as prepackaged foods, Nordson solutions offer flexibility in application to drive cost savings and creativity in end product taste and function. 

Nordson offers a wide range of pump, applicator and process control solutions to the food industry, which have been proven to give producers more flexibility in their processes than with conventional methods. 

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PermaFlo® Series PumpsPermaFlo® Series Pumps

Nordson PermaFlo® Series pumps are designed and constructed to withstand the rigors of pumping today’s more abrasive, higher solids coatings.

A7A Automatic Airless Spray GunsA7A Automatic Airless Spray Guns

The Nordson Model A7A automatic airless spray guns deliver maximum reliability in high-production airless painting, sealant and adhesive applications.

Modular A7A Spray GunModular A7A Spray Gun

The Nordson A7A modular automatic airless spray gun is a high-cycle, air operated spray gun designed to deliver maximum reliability in high-production airless painting, sealant, and adhesive applications.

Prodigy® HDLV® Drum UnloaderProdigy® HDLV® Drum Unloader

The Nordson portable Prodigy® HDLV® 55-gallon Powder Coating Drum Dolly with integrated Prodigy® HDLV® High-Capacity Pump Station allows for easy, efficient handling of drums for virgin powder feed to your powder system.

Prodigy® Generation II HDLV® PumpsProdigy® Generation II HDLV® Pumps

Prodigy HDLV powder coating pumps use dense-phase technology with high-density powder, low-velocity air to propel more powder with less compressed air.