Automated Triggering System

The Nordson® Automated Triggering System (ATS) provides effective control of rotary atomizer and spray-gun trigger points in automatic finishing systems. The ATS can control triggering of up to four spray devices in one or two spray stations.

The Automated Triggering System includes an operator interface, PLC controller, one or two photocells (depending on spray line configuration), and a conveyor encoder. When used with rotary atomizers, the system controls paint triggering, solvent cleaning burst, pre-burst of paint after solvent flush and high-voltage triggering. The ATS can provide two vertical zones when spray devices are mounted on oscillators or reciprocators.

  • Automatic control of spray device trigger points for paint savings and a cleaner operation
  • Standard system programming accommodates a wide range of production requirements
  • Conveyor encoder resolution can be adjusted to meet varying system layouts
  • Password access to selected programs prevents unauthorized changes to programming
  • Built-in eeprom memory preserves set-points in the event of a power failure

How Nordson gun triggering technology brought control and maximum efficiency to Eagle Window & Door's unique racking pattern. Details.

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