OptiMix™ IV Plural Component Metering System

Maximum output for the highest application demands.

The OptiMix IV metering system is designed to meet the highest performance demands. It can handle the need for enormous surface coverage and high coating thickness – all while offering the capability for simultaneous operation with several spray guns or extremely long hoses. With its high output capability, the OptiMix IV unit can process the most difficult materials. It is also ideal for both manual and automatic coating.

Features & Benefits

  • Robust unit ideal for extremely large surface area applications and high-build coatings.
  • Can be used with multiple spray guns and long hoses.
  • High output capability allows for spraying difficult materials.

Areas of Application

  • Marine and offshore industry
  • Pipe and tank coating
  • Industrial coatings
  • Insulating coatings
  • Noise reduction and fire protection
  • Heavy corrosion protection
  • Automatic painting lines and other areas with high demands under severe conditions

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