RA-20 Rotary Atomizers from Nordson

RA-20 Rotary Atomizers

The production-proven, patented Nordson RA-20 and RA-20R rotary atomizers deliver painting efficiency and superior finishing quality and operating safety for a wide range of finishing applications.

With no minimum sparking distance, they can be positioned close to parts for optimal coverage and minimal overspray. The fine atomization and soft spray apply thin, controllable film builds with minimal paint bounceback.

With an internal powder supply (IPS), the RA-20R rotary atomizer features lightweight, flexible low-voltage cables that experience less wear in robotic applications.

  • Close-in painting for superior performance
  • Excellent spray-pattern control
  • Sprays a variety of coating materials
  • Air-bearing turbine ensures reliability
  • FM-listed as non-incendiary
  • Patented atomizing cup design for operating versatility
  • Choice of power supplies for operating flexibility
  • Easy retrofit to existing painting systems

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For case studies on how Nordson rotary atomizers give manufacturers consistently fine atomization for uniform film builds, click here.

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