DR Pump

The air-powered dual piston DR Pump is a high capacity, durable, demand-style pump with 2gpm delivery rate for maintaining consistent pressure to multiple spray guns.

The NordsonĀ®  Model DR pump is an air-driven pump for use in the application of waterborne container coating materials and can be used in both heated and unheated delivery systems. The model DR pump is designed for fast, easy and safe maintenance. Components are simple in design and readily accessible for ease of online, routine servicing and reduced downtime.

Developed specifically for the container  industry, the DR pump is designed for increased capacity at higher pressures. Maximum input air pressure is 80 psi. The DR pump is capable of producing 1200 psi hydraulic fluid pressure. It will supply multiple guns and deliver up to two gallons per minute at 45 strokes per minute.

  • Simple design facilitates quick replacement of air valve and hydraulic packing glands for easy online maintenance
  • Dual reciprocating plungers assure constant hydraulic pressure throughout the pumping operation
  • Aluminum and/or stainless-steel wetted parts provide corrosion resistance and allow use of a variety of coating materials
  • Improved muffler configuration with production-proven mufflers helps prevent air-valve freezing

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