25B Pump

The economic and reliable 25B pump is a versatile, air-powered demand-style pump that can supply several spray guns.

The Nordson® 25B pump is a versatile, air-operated, hydraulic pump for heated or unheated spray systems and fluid delivery applications. The positive displacement, demand-type pump is available in 2:1, 4:1, 16:1, and 27:1 fluid-to-air ratios to meet a variety of high-pressure, airless and low-pressure, higher-volume applications.

The pump's hydraulic plunger is hard-coated with Nordson's ScoreGuard® coating to ensure long service life. 

The 25B pump is available in stainless-steel construction for corrosive and waterborne applications, as well as several non-paint applications including cold glue and adhesives.

  • Reciprocating plunger and packing design reduces pump wear and maintenance costs
  • Wide selection of standard packing materials are available for use with a variety of coating formulations
  • Hard-chrome wear surfaces for long life using abrasive coatings
  • Wall, drum, five-gallon pail or dolly mounting accommodates varying application requirements
  • Standard-type U packing glands offer excellent abrasion resistance with zero water absorption for much longer packing life
  • Large, stainless-steel ball checks provide smooth fluid delivery with high-viscosity coating materials
  • Large, enclosed solvent chamber lubricates plunger and increases upper packing life
  • ScoreGuard® precision-ground, hard-chrome hydraulic plunger ensures long service life
  • Self-adjusting hydraulic packing glands — need no maintenance throughout their life and cannot be over tightened or neglected

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