ISC2 Pre-Cure Oven

The Nordson® induction side-seam pre-cure system can increase curing capacity and line speeds by as much as 20 percent, without increasing the capacity of an existing oven. The compact unit preheats the weld seams just before the cans enter the oven.

The side-seam pre-cure system provides the additional heating necessary to set and cure powders in combination with existing ovens. For liquid coatings, the system improves the cure by increasing the time cans are at cure temperature.

  • Accommodates faster weld lines without increasing floor space requirements
  • Sets powder side-seam coatings prior to entering existing oven for ease of product handling
  • Preheats side seams for 360° internal spray for improved coverage in the seam area
  • Provides longer dwell time at cure temperature with existing oven to improve cure
  • Instant start/stop control saves energy and prevents overheating during line stoppages
  • Front panel LED diagnostics provide quick, simple troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Easily mounts over existing conveyor with minimal line modification for easy installation

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