Can End Sterilizers

Nordson® can end sterilizers utilize innovative moderate frequency induction heating to sterilize simply, safely and efficiently with minimal operator intervention. The system requires less space, energy and maintenance than conventional sterilization systems.

With moderate frequency induction heating, power is supplied to a series of coils, creating a fluctuating magnetic field. Steel can ends or bodies that pass through the coils are heated by the eddy currents produced by the steel. This provides fast, controllable heating, typically using 70 percent less energy than conventional gas systems.

  • Induction technology provides fast, energy efficient heating
  • Air-cooled, moderate frequency induction process is simple, safe and reliable
  • Temperature sensor guards against under-temperature ends or bodies
  • Instant on/off operation saves energy
  • Temperature and power control for consistent performance
  • Solid-state components provide reliable operation

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Can Ends
Nordson dryers are designed specifically for water-based end compounds using our patented induction-heating technology.

Induction Heating and Curing
Nordson Advanced Induction systems are used to dry or cure a variety of liquid and powder coatings used on metal substrates.

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Nordson dryers are designed specifically for water-based end compounds using Nordson patented induction-heating technology.


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