MEG® Inside Stripe from Nordson

MEG® Inside Stripe

The Nordson® MEG® Inside Stripe compact electric gun provides high-speed precise interior striping of three-piece welded containers. It is designed to coat the welded-seam of three-piece cans at rates of over 1000 cans per minute and can be used with cans as small as 52 mm.

The applicator is designed for fast, easy maintenance and repair, to minimize downtime and enhance productivity. A wide range of spray nozzles is available to meet various application needs for film thickness and stripe width.

  • Extremely fast for use on high-speed welders.
  • Cool operation minimizes film build-up inside the gun.
  • Precise film deposition with the applicator along with flow coat nozzle provide a uniform stripe with superior accuracy, repeatability and control.
  • Modular design permits easy on-line replacement to speed maintenance.

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