EcoLiner™ Compound Gun

High-performance, electro-pneumatic gun provides precise cutoff and adjustable flow control for accurate material deposition in end lining and closure operations.

The Nordson® EcoLiner™ electro-pneumatic dispensing gun combines a tapered, concave needle/nozzle design with fast air-open/close actuation to resist material build-up and help ensure clean, accurate, repeatable application.

  • An integrated needle-stroke adjustment permits accurate control of material volume and pattern repeatability.
  • The compact gun delivers high-performance, precise operation with accurate and consistent cycle time for optimum productivity.
  • The EcoLiner gun is ideal for a variety of end and closure applications. It can be used to apply waterborne compound and plastisol materials onto food, aerosol, and general purpose can ends; also, in low-to-medium volume production speed operations requiring precision and accuracy.


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