A7A Automatic Airless Spray Gun

Nordson A7A automatic airless spray guns are designed to deliver maximum reliability in high-production airless painting, sealant and adhesive applications. The air-actuated guns produce fine atomization and a soft, controllable spray to deliver excellent finish quality with minimal overspray.

A7A guns provide fast response time (less than 1/25th second) and high-speed cycling capability, with rugged contruction.  They are ideal for general finishing applications requiring precise, repeatable material application.

The guns are available in single and dual chamber, and dual-chamber angled models, and can be used in either circulating or noncirculating heated airless applications.

  • Fast cycling with positive cutoff provides precise operation with minimal dripping and spitting
  • Rugged, production-proven construction minimizes downtime and maintenance costs
  • Extended-nozzle versions are available for coating recessed areas
  • Nordson Cross-Cut and dome nozzles effectively atomize hard-to-atomize coatings for minimal paint waste

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