UV Plastic Containers

Nordson is one of the largest manufacturers of UV lamps in the world, offering a wide range of UV curing systems that provide efficient, reliable curing to meet most any production need.

Nordson UV systems include both microwave-powered (electrodeless) and electrode lamp technologies.  The CoolWave2 microwave-powered system provides high intensity UV energy with significantly less heat-generating infrared rays.  This makes it ideal for curing inks and coatings on plastic substrates, especially thin-walled plastic containers.

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Plastic Packaging
A complete line of UV systems provides thorough, controllable curing for a variety of plastic container applications.

CoolWave 2

Features of the CoolWave 2 system:

  • Durable non-conductive, heat-resistant reflectors with dichroic coating to filter out heat-generating infrared rays
  • No internal gasketing -- no arcs & sparks
  • Monitorring of system air pressure, lamphead temperature, and power supply temperature
  • Flexible design with different focal lenght reflectors available, including a flood reflector.

Electrode Lamp Systems

The Nordson UV Star products are the traditional workhorses for curing inks and coatings applied by off-set printing machines onto cups, pails, and other plastic containers.  Formerly known as the Metal Box lampsystems, they are air-cooled, high power systems, up to 500 watts per inch, with the dual lamp, Dual Concentrated Focus design providing 1000 watts per inch.

Also available is the water-cooled MonoCure system which provides the ultimate in high intensity and cool operation.


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