UV Bottom Rim Cure

Fast, efficient UV curing system for wear resistant, zero VOC bottom rim coating that improves metal can mobility with fewer can jams and greater throughput.

The Nordson CoolWave 2 UV Rim Cure System is designed for 2pc can manufacturing, for installation immediately following the washer.  Cans are coated using a special roll coater, en masse, and then exposed to high-intensity ultra-violet light energy, for very fast curing with significant energy savings compared to thermally-cured coatings.

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Features and Benefits

  • Arc-free design
  • Lower infrared energy output than other UV curing systems
  • Heat-resistant, dichroic-coated reflectors for many years of service
  • Monitoring of system air pressure, lamphead temperature, and power supply temperature
  • Enhanced diagnostics for easy system set-up and trouble-shooting

UniMaq BRC Bottom Rim Coat System

Nordson has partnered with Unimaq, a well-known manufacturer of roll coaters and decorators used in the 2pc can industry.  The UniMaq system includes fully-integrated roll coater, conveyor, and Nordson UV curing system.  The system is available in 2 ft. width (2400CPM) and 3 ft. width (3200CPM).

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