Ecoliner™ Temperature Control System

Control the temperature of end lining compounds for increased productivity and cost savings.

The Nordson Ecoliner Temperature Control System provides precision and accuracy in end-lining compound applications for metal cans. By minimizing variances in temperature, the Ecoliner unit stabilizes applied compound weights. As a result, end manufacturers can reduce material waste, decrease operating costs and eliminate blistering and inaccurate placement of compound for better product quality.

The Ecoliner Temperature Control System controls the temperature of the compound by +/- 2°F. This results in weight variances as low as 5 percent – or five times less than alternative methods.

Features and Benefits

  • Constant temperature control within the compound by +/- 2°F, resulting in stable and consistent material viscosity.
  • Consistent, repeatable compound application for reduced material usage and better product quality.
  • Significant reduction in process variability for better control of operations.
  • Works with the Ecoliner compound gun for optimum performance.
  • Fully-integrated system and compact size for easy installation and maintenance.

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