Advanced Induction BR-1 Controller

Enhanced induction controller provides easy retrofit and enhanced features for Nordson advanced induction dryers and sterilizers.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast and easy upgrade — a direct replacement for the older Mountaingate controller, using existing ribbon cable, door cut-out and mounting.
  • Easier to use and operate — incorporates improved graphic interface, touchscreen control panel with back-lit display, and easy-to-navigate screens and functions.
  • Password protection — prevents unauthorized program changes.
  • Quick troubleshooting — with indicators for all digital I/O displayed on a single screen.
  • Easy maintenance — dryer and inverter run times are recorded for scheduling preventative maintenance.
  • Manual Mode operation — for easy determination of Ramp Power Setting and adjustment of fixed power output control at any time.
  • Power Limiting feature — restricts the minimum and maximum power output levels during all operations, including PID Mode.
  • Automatically detects a faulted thermocouple sensor — alerts the operator to change to Manual Mode until the failed sensor can be replaced, reducing costly down time.

Designed for use with Nordson induction dryers and sterilizers, the new BR-1 controller incorporates many
enhanced technological features over its predecessor – the Mountaingate controller. With a touchscreen control panel, improved graphic interface and easy-to-navigate screens and functions, the BR-1 controller is easier to use and operate.

In addition, the BR-1 provides more reliable operation with enhanced power limiting features and sensor detection. Operators can also easily determine Ramp Power Setting and adjust to fixed power output control at any time.

The BR-1 controller is a direct replacement for the Mountaingate controller currently used with Nordson induction dryer Models ICD, ISC and EST manufactured before April 1, 2010, allowing installation in about an hour.