Weld-Arm Powder Coating System

The Nordson® Weld-Arm Powder Coating System applies durable, FDA-approved powder coating to three-piece cans and containers. Coatings are applied at the weld arm, eliminating the need for sheet coating and side-seam coating operations.

Powder coatings have increased in popularity for the metal packaging market due to their environmentally friendly and durability attributes.  Nordson's Weld Arm Powder Coating System applies the proper amount of powder to the inside of a 3 piece can to ensure adequate coverage.  Once coated, cans are cured using the system's innovative induction curing oven for a smooth durable finish.

The Nordson system provides the following key benefits:

  • Improves production
  • Reduces manufacturing costs
  • Powder coating eliminates solvents (VOC emissions) from the coating process and reduces waste disposal costs
  • Eliminates sheet coating, labor costs and saves floor space
  • Reduces energy costs with the efficient induction curing oven


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