Ink-Dot Reservoir Manifold Assembly

The new Ink-Dot Reservoir Manifold enables customers to use the same bottle the ink is shipped in as the supply vessel for the Ink-Dot I.D. System. It replaces the large stainless steel tank that was part of the old-style system. On the new reservoir manifold, the ink bottle screws into the aluminum manifold and is sealed by using a gasket. The ink is siphoned from the bottom of the ink bottle and then delivered to the hydraulic system. To prevent over-pressurization, a pressure relief valve is incorporated into the assembly. Also available is a new lower pressure-range regulator, which provides greater resolution and more accurate adjustment of the operating pressure.


  • Direct attachment of the supply bottle to the operating system
  • Easy, efficient replenishment of the ink supply – less chance of spilling the ink
  • Rugged aluminum and plexi-glass construction
  • Direct replacement of old-style reservoir – same mounting dimensions as previous type
  • No residual build-up of material in the supply vessel – no sludge
  • Supply bottle is transparent, showing how much ink is remaining in the bottle


  • Refresh system with fresh ink quickly and cleanly, with less chance to spill the ink
  • No sludge accumulating in the reservoir
  • Quick and simple visual indication of amount of ink in the supply vessel
  • Easy retrofit to existing system – direct replacement of old-style reservoir

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