Versa-Spray® IPS-PE Powder Coating Guns with Controls

High-performance, integral-power-supply Versa-Spray® IPS-PE and Versa-Spray II IPS-PE automatic powder coating guns and controls provide higher output voltage under actual spraying conditions at typical gun-to-part distances.

Used consistently in the manufacturing operations of appliances using frit (porcelain enamel coatings), the Versa-Spray IPS-PE and Versa-Spray II IPS-PE spray guns are the smart choice for improved powder coating performance and longer life.

Ensuring higher first-pass transfer efficiency and improved coverage, Versa-Spray gun bodies are constructed of lightweight, durable, non-conductive engineered plastics for maximum electrostatic attraction to the part to be coated, and for maximum ruggedness with minimum weight.  Features include:

  • Exceptionally flexible cable provides low-voltage power to the gun's integral voltage multiplier
  • Completely field repairable with modular replacement components, if needed
  • Use of specially engineered materials for powder contact parts provides maximum resistance to wear and impact fusion with porcelain coating materials
  • Powder pathway module and internal wear parts are interchangeable between manual and automatic gun for flexibility

In addition, the Versa-Spray IPS-PE II can be coupled with Nordson's iControl® automatic gun control system for superior system peformance. Featuring digital, closed-loop flow control and large, color touch-screen user interface, the iControl brings another level of performance and control to porcelain enamel coating applications, bringing unsurpassed finish quality and up to 30 percent material savings.

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