Powder Coating Thickness Gauges

The QNix® line of coating thickness gauges offers a complete solution for measuring the thickness of liquid or powder coatings. The user simply places the probe on the substrate and reads the digital display without a lengthy calibration process.

All gauges are hand-held and easy-to-operate. Benefits include quick, precise values read in both mils and microns. Options include:

  • Basic ferrous/non-ferrous combination gauge
  • New, innovative wireless probe gauge
  • Gauge that takes and stores readings to download for statistical evaluation and report generation

QNix® 1500 Gauge for Powder Coating Operations 

The QNix® 1500 for powder coating operations will non-destructively measure over ferrous or non-ferrous substrates with its two integrated probes. It also automatically converts readings from mils to micro with its expanded range of 0.00-200 mils or 0.0-5000 microns.

  • No cables or plugs required
  • Measuring range 0-200 mils convertible to microns
  • Memory available
  • No calibration
  • Equipment with a non-wearing ruby probe for long life and precision

QNix® 4200/4500 Gauges for Powder Coating Operations  

The QNix® 4200 powder coating gauge for measurements over steel or iron and the QuaNix 4500 powder coating gauge for measurements over steel and aluminum have been designed for various applications.

Whether you are assessing the paint on an automobile, or inspecting an outdoor structure, or using them on a liquid or powder coating line, the QuaNix gauges will measure coating thickness.

  • No calibration required
  • Automatic on/off switch
  • Precision accuracy over complete measurement range
  • Readings in both mills and microns 

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