Excel 3000™ Powder Coating System from Nordson

Excel 3000™ Powder Coating System

With plug-and-spray technology and low profile base, the Excel 3000™ booth system provides large system features and benefits in a compact package that is easy to install, operate and color change.

The innovative design of the Excel 3000 powder coating booth provides efficiency and ease of use in one great system.  The booth is available in 8,000 CFM, 10,800 CFM, and 15,000 CFM versions and in various flexible system configurations as well as with optional PolyPlus™ canopy material.  System benefits include:

  • A compact, modular and durable design, with a shorter booth base for flexible location of both automatic and manual gun stations.
  • Booth canopy is powder resistant and makes color change easy.
  • The optional PolyPlus wall panels provide enhanced light within the spray booth and low attraction of powder to the booth wall surface, allowing for fast, easy, and quick color change.
  • The express powder spray booth features plug-and-spray technology that allows for fast and easy installation of all electrical components.
  • The compact and flexible color module design allows for a space saving footprint and easy to configure powder delivery options.
  • Flexible and easy to operate modular configurations.

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