Econo-Coat® Powder Coating Booths

Compact powder spray booths and recovery systems that are perfect for batch powder coating small- to medium-sized parts.

The Nordson Econo-Coat  powder spray booth systems are ideal for coating wheels and other automotive parts, test panels for new powder or color evaluation, and a variety of other parts.  Using proven cartridge-filter technology, Econo-Coat systems do not require expensive ductwork and explosion venting. Air used to contain and recover powder overspray passes through primary cartridge filters and final filters, and is then exhausted as clean air.  What's more, it ensures safe, simple operation with a control panel that includes a main power switch, booth exhaust start and stop switches, cartridge-filter blow-down timer and filter pressure safety interlock switch. 

EconoCoat 2001 features include: 

  • 5' high by 5' wide by 5' deep work envelope
  • High-performance polypropylene canopy with clear roof
  • Reverse-pulse filter cartridge cleaning for peak performance and long service life
  • Final filters return clean air to the workplace
  • 460VAC, 3-phase, 60Hz standard, with other voltages optional
  • UL508 control panel for safety and ease of use

EconoCoat 1001 features include:

  • Ultra compact 3.75' H x 2.5' W x 2.5' D work envelope
  • Operates on 110-volt electrical supply for fast, easy installation
  • Reverse-pulse filter cartridge cleaning for peak performance and long service life
  • Final filter returns clean air to the workplace
  • Simple controls for ease of use


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