Prodigy® Systems Make a Big Difference

U.S. custom coater for metal cabinetry and components

  • Cut coating time 50 percent to 14 minutes
  • Increased output 30 percent

U.S. maker of supermarket refrigeration equipment

  • Saved $300,000 coating more parts
  • Reduced line spacing and powder usage

European custom coater of fencing and mesh products

  • Reduced material usage 30 to 40 percent
  • Increased production by 20 percent

U.S. custom coater of electrical cabinets with military specs

  • Replaced two guns coating part twice with touch-up post cure with one Prodigy gun
  • Increased line speed from 10 fpm to 11 fpm
  • Reduced coating time to 3 min at 7-8 mils vs. 4.5 min at 3.5 mils
  • Fewer passes – less time – higher film build
  • U.S. coater of toolboxes and truck bodies

Replaced existing guns with Prodigy

  • Now applies 8-10 mils vs. 2-3 mils to panels in same number of passes
  • Reduced coating time from 3 hours to 1.75 hours

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